Tell me, I'll forget.

Show me, I may remember.

But involve me and I'll understand

Chinese proverb

Learn to release emotions such as fear and sadness instantly in order to increase energy and feelings of relaxation and well-being!

Kid Tested

Parent Approved

7 Floors to Balance

A quick path to emotional freedom

What if we lived in a world where all children knew not to identify with their feelings but rather that they “experienced” feelings and just as easy as it to experience them, it’s just as easy to let them go? What if bullies became non-existent because they were so empowered to channel their energy into an empathic way? What would the future look like if these children then become adults who have emotional resilience and coping mechanisms that keep them from having to rely on drugs or alcohol in order to “handle” life?

In partnership with Pathways To Peace, 7 Floors to Balance® is a lead program for the Culture of Peace Education Program (CPEP) stewarded by Pathways To Peace, a United Nations (UN) designated Peace Messenger Organization.

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Called a change-maker by parents and teachers, The 7 Floors to Balance® method is a proven effective and child psychologist reviewed Emotional Resilience program that helps children instantly experience well-being and peace. Also used in schools as  a transformative tool for bully prevention/aid and bully transformation, what makes the method unique is that it is simple, engaging, universal, experiential and caters to the kinesthetic, visual and auditory learner by incorporating all 3 teaching modalities at once.  7 Floors to Balance® is an AMAZINGLY SIMPLE and perfected method (co-created by children) teaching children how to recognize and manage their emotions while not identifying with their feelings as being a part of them but rather as something in their experience. The analogy of an elevator rising through different levels to get to the 7th floor of balance helps children understand that particular emotions result in them becoming “stuck” on certain floors in their own lives which culminates in the window of that floor acting as an emotional filter through which they view life. They then learn that it is just as easy to let them go in a healthy and not suppressive way. Each floor has a distinct “secret” for unblocking the floor and letting the elevator rise. The children learn to be a CAUSE (creator/leader) in their lives rather than an EFFECT (victim) to their environment. Results have been outstanding!

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Special thanks to my former French student, Emanuel (aged 7), who had said:

“Ms. Tammy you need to teach this to all the kids in the whole world so that everyone can be happy.”