Trainings of the 7 Floors to Balance® method are available in a private one on one session format (with *parents, *teachers or children), for families, for groups, children and admin/educational staff at public, private, charter schools and other child related organizations throughout the U.S.  They can be conducted in person or via skype. If the training of the method is being conducted at a school, classes can range in size from 1 to 15 children in rotations lasting 45 minutes per rotation or in the form of school wide assemblies. In these trainings, Tammy Lelie Skinner appoints “kid trainers” (usually the most disruptive or distracted student/s) to act as leaders for the students in the coming week by reminding fellow classmates to use the tools when they see they need them. She then leads a follow up with participating children a week later to see how the children have been doing and to reinforce the technique. Tammy is always available for consultations in the meantime. In addition to visual diagram posters that are available for purchase, teachers will get a training manual emailed to them in PDF form which they will be able to use as a reference point.

*For parents as well as teachers, Tammy gives extra set of tools for self-calming since the state of their energy will set the tone for the child. Specifically parents will receive the following coaching-

  • Identify which limiting feeling your child is “stuck” in and discover the specific tool which will facilitate your child to get unstuck instantly and maintain overall feelings of self-assuredness and calm
  • How to get your child to open up and communicate to you by setting up a safe context
  • Secret of getting your child to stop a “targeter” (she avoids using the label of “bully”) in their tracks
  • Teach your child to focus on homework and test taking without distraction
  • 10 second technique to get your child to shift from victim mentality to leadership role

Please email or call in order to inquire about rates which are set according to a sliding scale based on need