For Adults

7 Floors to Balance For Adults

7 Floors to Balance® is now available as a training program for teens and adults! Experience emotional balance and well being-gaining increased confidence, more creativity, stress relief, compassion, authentic communication skills, empathy, joy and overall peace of mind-all within one hour! Training can be conducted via one on one, for couples, in workshop format, staff conferences, corporate retreats and more.

A transformative shift takes place when participants learn just what the 7 emotional floors in their body are. They also learn to recognize what emotional floor somebody else is on and understand that they are looking out the window of that particular floor and experiencing life through that perception. Ultimately, this program helps adults,teens and children experience that our version of things is not necessarily the reality and that uncomfortable feelings show us where we’re stuck and what needs are not being met. Once we see how feelings color our perceptions as well as affect the choices we make, we have an easier time of getting unstuck.

7 Floors to Balance® is a unique training program which gives specifically fine tuned and simple yogic tools to instantly release uncomfortable feelings.  This results in an experiential and powerful awareness that we are not our thoughts and our feelings but rather we have them and can let them go.  Deemed a “pathway to peace” by Pathways to Peace (U.N. Peace Messenger),  7 Floors to Balance® seeks to promote peace in a fun, creative and effective way because the creator, Tammy Lelie Skinner, firmly believes  that peace in our world begins with you.

Pricing is dependent on number of participants and there is specially discounted pricing for non-profits and local grassroots organizations. We are always open to having sponsors for special events. Or if you have a fundraiser and want 7 Floors to Balance® to provide a workshop, feel free to ask about that too. Contact us for more info!