017 Floors to Balance® an experiential method that supplies tools for emotional resilience, self-calming, bully prevention/aid and bully transformation. Using her background as a theater actor and Yoga instructor, Tammy Lelie Skinner teaches children how to “feel” each emotion in their body and then let it go while also “creating” the feeling state they choose to embody. Through simple (and easy to remember) techniques which take less than one minute to do, children learn how to regulate their energy patterns (physiology) and develop more leadership over the ever changing states that are their brains, bodies, minds, and emotions.


Just as an elevator can get STUCK on a particular floor in a building, our body stores our negative emotions and can get stuck on a particular floor in our body along our spine. When this happens, we experience life through the filter of that emotion.  The goal of 7 Floors to Balance®  is to offer simple tools to get the elevator unstuck and move up to the 7th floor where fearlessness, peace, calm and balance reside. *Note: this method works particularly well with for children with autism as it compartmentalizes feelings in a way they seem to better understand by embodiment.Backed by brain-based research, 7 Floors to Balance® uses the concept of Kundalini (Sanskrit name for the energy that exists in every person) to teach children early enough in their childhood the healthy skill set of feeling empowerment over their emotions rather than feeling victim to them.  Children learn a set of quick tools (breathing, visual and guided meditations) which cater to the kinesthetic, auditory and visual learner,are handpicked, simple to remember and which instantaneously work on the corresponding floor where the emotional energy gets stuck, moves the energy from the lower levels of consciousness (fear, sadness and anger) to the higher expression of emotions (love, joy, peace and balance)-working quickly to balance the body, clear the mind, calm emotions and open the heart.

The immediate effect of this method is that children learn how to manage their emotions and they learn that just as easy as it is to “have” the energy of a particular feeling, it is just as easy to let it go in a healthy non-suppressive way. They learn to be a CAUSE (creator/leader) in their lives rather than an EFFECT (victim) to their environment.


I like to refer to the energy centers (chakras) described in Yoga as floors in a building because it really helps children to visualize the spine as a building with 7 floors.  Children learn that from the base of our spine through the top of our head we have 7 floors and each floor corresponds to different emotions. Each elevator floor is also a particular color from the rainbow spectrum (which corresponds to chakras). The first floor is red, 2nd floor is orange, 3rd floor is yellow, 4th floor is green, 5th floor is blue, 6th floor is indigo and 7th floor is purple!  I have the children picture the elevator freely going up and down all 7 floors, bringing energy throughout the entire body!  The goal of the 7 Floors to Balance® method is to get your elevator to the 7th floor, the very top! The children learn that our elevators can get stuck on a certain floor when we experience a certain emotion that we just can’t seem to let go of and we feel stuck. I make it clear that is completely okay to experience your emotions and there’s nothing wrong with them as their true nature is to communicate that there is a need that is wanting to be met. It is in the identifying and labeling of the emotion that we feel where true freedom is allowed as we press the “magic elevator button” by doing our tool and engaging the prefrontal cortex to allow a solution to ease-fully present itself.


Stuck on 1st floor= experience fear/worry/anxiety/stress
Stuck on 2nd floor=experience sadness/depression/grief/loneliness/shame
Stuck on 3rd floor=experience low self-esteem/powerless/victim mode/anger/annoyed
Stuck on 4th floor=experience feeling lonely/abandoned/unlovable
Stuck on 5th floor=experience not being heard or understood, inability to communicate
Stuck on 6th floor=experience being stuck in our thoughts/cut off from body/confused

Call or email to inquire further about Tammy’s unique method designed for teachers, caretakers and parents to learn how to teach/implement this method as well as an exploration of how teachers, caretakers and parents may best regulate their own physiology in the company of their students/children. 

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