Tammy Lelie Skinner

IMG_1890-1For close to a decade, Tammy Lelie Skinner has been supplying tools for self-calming, balance, relaxation, bully prevention/aid, bully transformation and emotional resilience. Initially creating 7 Floors to Balance® while serving as a Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties to help children with A.D.H.D., depression and autism to identify, articulate their emotions and let go of them, the method has been deemed highly successful in helping all children (and adults) create a paradigm shift from moving from a space of being a reaction to their external environment to gaining control of their own state of being and feelings. The method is based on Tammy’s combined experience as the former resident Kids Yoga Instructor at Spa Solage (rated #1 spa in the Americas by Condé Nast Traveler magazine), a performing member in the anti-bullying non-profit theater company, Peace Quest, as Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs and as a private/public school French teacher. It was co-created with the hundreds of students she has worked with over the years.

Currently the official Emotional Resilience Service partner for the Guerneville School District (serving grades TK-8th), 7 Floors to Balance® is also disseminated at public/charter/private schools, community workshops, parent networks, family festivals, after school programs and catechism classes (to teach healthy boundaries). The method is listed and highlighted as a resource for the Matrix Parent Network (serving families with children with special needs).  7 Floors to Balance® was invited into a partnership with United Nations Peace Messenger (Pathways to Peace) in 2017 and has now gone global as a lead peace education program for the UN designated Culture of Peace Education Program.  Clients include school counselors, teachers, principals, superintendents,children, teens, , actors/executives in the TV/Film industry, acupuncturists, naturopath doctors, business professionals and more.  Tammy has also conducted numerous retreats, trainings and workshops (including partnerships with TV/Film star Kristin Kreuk, Kendra Voth and their website,GIRLS BY DESIGN as well as with the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing.

Tammy received her undergraduate degree at UCLA in English and French (studying in depth French Philosophy at the Université de La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris) in 1999 and is certified as a Yoga Instructor, in Youth/Adult development through the American Camp Association and Positive Behavior Management through SCAN (Sonoma County After School Network). Tammy is based in West Sonoma County where she enjoys a life of peace and balance with her husband and two daughters.

This is a brilliant yet simple way for children to cope, center, release upsetting emotions and feel balanced. Congratulations Tammy Lelie Skinner as I know how long it took to create, perfect, prove and release!

-J. Bon Durant, colleauge (Los Angeles, CA)

I was in one of Tammy’s workshop sessions for 7 Floors to Balance and I just want to say how awesome of a job she did at presenting. I’m glad to know this opus she’s developed is finding it’s way into the lives of kids (and adults) via the schools and other partnerships she has going on. It’s great, appropriate, relevant and useful. So glad we (my two sons and I) got to be a part of it.

My sons enjoyed her session very much as Tammy has a natural manner about her that connects with children of all ages and allows them to open up and express feelings that they might have otherwise overlooked or, as is often the case, suppressed. And I, as a parent, appreciated how she teaches it to children in such a simplified and functional way, while explaining to us the science behind why it works. I hope to see healthy methods like this expand so that kids, youth and adults can create a more peaceful place within themselves and, by extension, for the planet!

-Aaron Wilkerson, parent (Petaluma, CA)

Miss Tammy was an immediate hit with both my kids. I love that she gave them tools and concepts that they could understand and use inside themselves as needed. They implemented her advice right away. And they can’t wait to see her again!

-Sara P., parent (Sebastopol, CA)

A few weeks ago my daughter Pema was really sad about something. Emanuel spontanaeously taught her how to experience that sadness and put it into an object.  It was amazing to watch how they both worked with the energy and how he was able at 7 years old to have the agency and technique to help his 4 year old sister to calm down. You’re doing amazing stuff Tammy. Congrats. May it spread far and wide!

Noah Intara Zim, parent (Petaluma, CA)

This makes me feel inner AWESOME!

Callen, aged 7 (Guerneville, CA)

I used to not be able to get this one particular student to sit still to do his homework. After learning 7 Floors to Balance, now not only does he sit still but he actually completes his homework in one sitting which is something he’s never done before!

Jann Beckman, after school care teacher (Guerneville, CA)